Friday, June 25, 2010

Fishing is good

Ever had one of those excursions where the fishing was so good, it almost seems unfair to the trout?   Last night was one of those times.  I took my wife's cousin from Kansas out to a spot I call the boulder hole.  Not a very big spot but the fish always seem to concentrate there & with good reason.  Dusk to dark was non stop hatch.  the trout were feasting on emerging olives and small caddis.  Every drift for 2 minutes produced.  I averaged 6 a minute. 

Kansas still had a stimulator tied on from out last stop at the dam but I was working a quill emerger that was doing the job.  Too dark to change his fly so I just handed him my rod.Things shut off just after that.  Tonight, he get the rod and I am out to shoot some video.  The fly I was using is in the right column, it deserves to be the fly of the month.