Monday, September 17, 2012

A Good Weekend in Pulaski

I had been reading posts all week from Pulaski about the "Big Run".  I have seen this before only to get there and find a stray fish or two but when I read "biggest one day push of Kings" on the DSR website, that is some pretty "Tough Talk" so there must be some fish to back it up.  When we stopped at the gatehouse of the DSR Saturday morning the employees were buzzing with excitement.  Yup, it must be good.  Trevor & I got our passes and marched down the stairs to the Meadow.  We waded to mid river and my first cast produced a nice hen.  Nirvana has found its' way to the Douglaston.  I landed 7 of 16 and kept 3.  Trevor battled several and managed to fill his stringer too.  We made the death march out at 11:00.    

Sunday was a bit slower but we had a goal to get Trev to hook, fight and land his own fish.  Once he got the hang of the drift, he was hooking fish consistantly but had a lot of break-offs.  Persistant; he poked one right in the jaw around 10:00.  He battled the big buck on an upstream run that took him to the backing.  After a brief chase, Trev managed to get his head to turn downstream and beached the brute near the place where he hooked him.  Nice Job boy!!!  I ended the weekend in the front yard with 18 king fillets in the cooler all iced up and ready for the smoker, canning and a few fresh steaks to friends and family.  What a Weekend!