Saturday, April 17, 2010

Some Video to Make the Blood Pump

The 2010 season got kicked of in fine style today. My fishing partner, Alec & I both creeled in the double digits today. The Essex County Hatchery does a fine job raising 2 year old browns


  1. Since finding your blog, I'm hoping to learn something about fishing the Schroon. The video didn't do much for me. Hatches? Hendrickson spinner fall? Grannoms soon on the Schroon? A couple stretches to try. What type of rod?

  2. Paul,
    Best to fish streamers and deep nymph (Czech style) for the next wo weeks. River is still running above safe wading. Construction on the Hricon Bridge, so avoid that are probably for a good part of the summer. First hatch worth fishing will be green caddis and stoneflies. BWO are always a safe bet for early action.

  3. Excellent video, thanks for sharing. I don't get up that way much but maybe next time i am up camping I can get some time on the river. What are you using for a camera?