Monday, January 31, 2011

Slowing down

A picture is worth a thousand words so this photo should speak volumes about the fishing on my section of Brant Lake as of late.

I took a newbie out to cut his teeth cut on ice fishing. We tried a couple other synonyms (feet wet, uh, No. Breaking the ice- definitely not) anyway the fishing was slow.

With the heavy snow cover, the insulation factor has actually allowed some spring fed bottom water to melt up through the surface in shallow bays, USE CAUTION.

Heavy snow on ice makes for some nasty conditions, the aforementioned thin ice and slush, lots of it.

We are predicted for more heavy snow on Wednesday. We will just have to see where this leads us.

I called a buddy on Sunday & he was on the lower end of Schroon Lake in the Adirondack area. He reported 4 inches of ice with slush and snow cover. I would not venture out on that but he made it home alive thankfully. If you venture out, be alert, be safe and expect changing ice conditions as you move about.

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  1. "Heavy snow on ice makes for some nasty conditions"

    part of the reason i've been in the woods and not on the water the past couple weekends. that and its nigh impossible to beat winter mt scenery.