Friday, April 29, 2011

The 100 year flood

As I compose this post, the Schroon River is over its' banks.  The USGS gage reading is 10.52 feet (third highest in history).  Not since 1913 has the river seen this amount of water.  Heavy damage to the area down stream in the Warrensburg area is certain.  The fishing has been pushed back a month at best.  What this will do to the rivers geographic features and the fauna is unknow but change is definate.
I'll be posting this evening with pictures


  1. That ain't good. Hope the damage is kept to a minimum, but that is a ton of water for that river. Stay dry...


  2. Ah yes, I believe I saw you at Dicks that night ('twas my birthday)...and we had talked about postponing our trip because of this....that was quite the flood we had. Hopefully next year is better!

  3. Not given that 1913 has the river noticed this quantity of water. Heavy harm towards the spot right down stream inside the Warrensburg
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