Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Jim's Grand Slam

Fish with my buddy Jim on Sunday.  We covered a lot of road and a lot of water.  He scored a couple of browns and several salmon at our first stop.  I managed a few myself.  We worked our way up to the West Branch of the Ausable and he popped a nice rainbow.  I saw the take and the hook set.  It made my blood pump. 

He mentioned to me that all he needed for his FIRST Adirondack Grand Slam was a brookie!  OK, so now I'm on a mission to get him tight with a brookie- even if it kills me.  We got back to town and I beat feet for a little creek that I know has brookies.  The mosquitos nearly ate us alive but in 15 minutes, he landed a little guy about 4 inches with bright blue spots.  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!  Way to go Jim.

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