Wednesday, May 25, 2011

50 hit on this blog in 4 hours

OK, let's see who's out there hammering my blog:
e-mail me at and I will send the first 20 an Adirondack brookie dropper rig hand tied by me for free. 
Name & address will get it in your mail box.  Totally secure.  I  won't share your address with anyone and I'm too friggin' old to remember that kind of thing from one day to the next, Hell, I misplace my cup of coffe in the morning.  
 I'm going to the vice now!



  1. I drop in when you post something new (google reader lets me know.) So that's one. I'm good on flies for now. I may take you up on it though if I can get some time to fish this summer when I'm home. Tight lines.


  2. im headed to scroon river for 10 days tomorrow im glad to hear conditions are great and trout are a plenty. i have been fishing the poestenkill last week and they are hitting nice here. i see nice weather for all next week great news for me to be fishing everyday. keep up the great work !