Thursday, May 19, 2011

High Water Proves Productive

Fished the section of the Schroon River between Starbuckville Dam and County Route 11 last night.  The water level is just brushing the flood stage mark but the fish are willing thanks to water temperatures in the mid 40's.  The stocked trout are learning to become selective.  BHHE worked in one spot but was refused in another.  No hatches yet but that will change very soon. 

The Schroon Lake Commision is once again regulating water levels to suit their own needs so I expect this season to boom for two weeks and bust the rest of the season as in the past. 
Both gates at Starbuckville Dam are full open. 
Lots of water when the trout don't need it and no water when the trout do. 
My advice~ be ready to hammer the river as soon as they close the gates, there will be good fishing for two weeks then the trout will sufficate to to lack of oxygen from warmer water created by low flow.

Here's a picture of one from last night:

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