Wednesday, August 10, 2011

All About the Streamer

Day 1 on the Battenkill was all about streamers and getting the fly down to the fish. Windy and rainy weather conditions put a halt to most hatches on the day, although we did see some sulphurs hatching late. My one fish on the day came from a deep run on a seam between faster and slower moving water. This guy hit almost immediately when my fly began its swing.
Most fish that we encountered today were holding on the seams or in the deepest part of pools.We continued to fish the deep pools past dusk when Chris hooked into a pig. Barely able to see, we only got one good look at the fish before he spit the fly only feet away. It was a tough loss but it was a successful evening fish, as we both had strikes long after the sun set. It was a very interesting experience fishing tonight with winds howling in the trees at over 20 mph, making for some difficult casting conditions. Overall day 1 was a successful day. However, tomorrow we will be covering much more water in hopes of hooking into some true monsters.



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