Monday, December 26, 2011

Icing- Slowly

Don't get all excited and race here expecting all kinds of ice.  We have ice but it is building very slowly.  Most of the ice I saw today was new over the past 36 hours.  Brant Lake stitched up about 40 acres from when I checked it Saturday.  Some ice I did try walking on, some I wouldn't try.  Most of the ice I walked on cracked and broke.  Alec & I did find some good ice (of about 4" thick) so we are going to try fishing tomorrow.

The word at The Crossroads today was there were some fisherman on Loon Lake.  I have not encountered safe ice this year for me to be out there today.

Stay tuned for a report Tuesday night.

Brant Lake looking NNE.  Open water in the distance

Brant Lake again looking SSW tight but still a bit too thin

If you do venture onto the ice, Have a rescue plan.  Bring your picks, some rope and most importantly- COMMON SENSE

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