Saturday, April 21, 2012

Brookies & Bows

I fished Starbuckville Dam again this morning.  23 trout in 2 hours.  Finally!  The water is super low but plenty cold enough to keep these fish going. 

Don Lehman with the Post Star writes that the gates will be closed sometime this week.  A good move.  this will make more water over the dam & ladder and less pumping through the spillways.  That should help the fish spread out and get them finding more food.  Here's a link to his article

I caught plenty of rainbows this morning.  I think they just needed a couple more days to acclimate to the new surroundings.  After 90 minutes of fishing the nymph with good success, I changed over to a dry fly (Uncas Emerger) when I saw a trout swirl on the surface.  No hatch but, no matter.  The rainbows were taking/ trying to take the dry.  It is funny to watch trout feed on the surface when they are not used to eating that way.  I had bows jumping over my fly trying to take it but miss it by a couple inches only to come back and try again.  I think I landed 6 or 7 on the Uncas Emerger this morning. Fun-Fun-Fun!

Kuddos to the Warren County Fish Hatchery for producing some very nice health fat trout for this years stocking.  Well done.


  1. Wow....thanks for sharing; Catch and Release and respect for the fishery will be practiced if I can make it up there soon.

  2. Fished tonight heavy flow. No luck on nymphs. Good scouting. Keep the reports coming