Saturday, May 12, 2012

West Branch of the Ausable

I fished along route 86 this morning without so much as a tug.  All the anglers I spoke to were in the same boat as I.  Not much of a surprise, Hurricane Irene really  flushed the river but good last fall.  I spent most of my time looking at water and searching for fish.  No rises even though there was a pretty good hendrickson hatch as the morning sun warmed the river into the noon hour.  Route 73 was closed along Cascade Lake this morning so I didn't bother to go to the Iron Bridge.  I guess we will have to wait for the state to bring the goods this week.  

I stopped at Schroon falls on the way home and managed to hookup with a 10" landlock.  He was a bit camera shy but I managed a quick snap shot before he spit the ADK Ugly Bugger and took his leave.

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