Monday, May 21, 2012

Schroon River May 21

I fished the Schroon with Alec tonight from 7:30 till almost dark.  It was stupid.  Stockies rising every where and taking everything we threw at them.  I fished a black ADK Ugly Bugger on the swing for a while with good results but I just couldn't resist all the rising fish.  On goes the elk hair caddis & let the good times roll.  I love skating the caddis.  A little animation make the stocked fish go crazy.  17 in an hour.  Alec had nearly the same.  Nothing big but just fun to catch.

The water is about 60 degrees and I did see a few Light Cahills coming off right at dusk.

Be careful wading.  The river is still up pretty big.  I only had a few inches of free-board on the waders tonight.

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  1. Well, I'm glad to see they were hitting you guys well. This Large Cahill hopefully will get to use some light cahills on the river in the next few days. The bass have been hitting hard in the shallows of LG over the past 2.5 weeks...on with the season!