Thursday, June 27, 2013

Great Client Trip 6-25

 I guided father/daughter team, Sean & Hannah on Wednesday. We started the day on Trout Creek. This was Hannah's first fly fishing experience and even though Sean undersold his fly angling abilities, I made it a mission to get the first fish on for Hannah. She was a great student and managed two nice rainbows within the first hour. Sean had a couple as well.

I decided to move the Schroon for the second beat and both clients delivered again! (I really like clients who make their guide look good.) The fishing shut off around 10 am.  I knew the barometer was falling fast as the trout were acting spooky. I saw several of them darting around as we worked our way down river swinging streamers, nymphs and wet flies.

Around 11:45 I asked If we all had enough with rain on the horizon and all agreed to call it. As soon as we pulled out of the parking area the skies opened and the torrential downpour began. Shwew!- just in time.

Sean gained a lot of confidence in his ability to work the seams & getting the fly down where the trout live. He had several nice hook-ups bringing the sparkle pupa off the bottom & up through the water column.  I had Hannah banging out 40' over hand casts in the first 2 hours & her understand of line management aided her angling success today.

Great client trips start with everyone understanding the goal for the day and everyone working hard to achieve the goal and having fun doing it!

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