Saturday, August 10, 2013

Plan "B"

My buddy Al & I planned to fish Cold River (14 mile round trip hike).  That was Plan "A".  We met at the Upper Works Trailhead and discussed the weather forecast that changed to 80% thunderstorms during the overnight.  I have been through Indian Pass during heavy storms, an experience I cared NOT to repeat.

We quickly developed plan "B".
-Six different fisheries with five different target species in 32 hours. 
Al & I managed to avoid the storms and had a bluebird day today. 
Smart fishing pays off.


  Our last location was a real workout. 
 Big boulders with deep narrow slots & tons of timber courtesy of Hurricane Irene made wading to the perfect spot for the correct presentation a chore.

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  1. Great fish! Looks like you guys had a great time. Its always nice to avoid the rain and pull in some beautiful fish while doing it.