Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Tying for Spring

With the brutality of winter this year came plenty of time at the vice to decorate some hooks.  Here are two of several patterns I use to target Brook Trout.

First is the WHIZ KID

Introduced to me by my good friend Al Hammel.  He brought it back with him after his residence in Montana where he befriended Mark Bauman who developed the pattern.  You can read more about the fly here:  It can be tied and fished in several colors, however, I find natural deer hair produces well.


This pattern was taught to me by its' originator, Hugh Ruane.  It is a streamer known to experience local fly anglers of the Eastern Adirondack Region.  This streamer is plain poison on brook trout, both in flowing water and the ponds, of the Adirondacks.  I have literally caught 100's of brook trout on this streamer.  Hugh was a no bones kind of guy and if you knew him you will agree.  If you were full of shit he was not afraid to tell you so.  

I can still see him looking over his glasses while we were sitting at our vices saying to me: 
"Now, pay attention, I'm only going to show you this one time."

 I did and it pays!  He tied it for several shops and some of them claim it as their own but make no mistake.  This pattern was born in the jaws of his vice. As a tribute to Hugh, every one of these streamers I tie and card for sale will carry his name.

A Visual Testimonial

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  1. Thank you Chris.....If Hugh were still with us, I am sure he would appreciate your sentiments.....I know that, as his brother....I do.