Saturday, September 17, 2011

Early Fall Brown

What a nice crisp fall day.  I went to check out one of my "usual" place.  The flow is still up from Hurricane Irene.  The water temp was 59 degrees with a few gray mayflies and white midges in the air.  I didn't see any fish rising but hey, it's fall, no big deal.  I fished an Ausable Ugly tandemed with a brown backed scud.  My first fish was this German Gentleman
As I left, I called a buddy who fished the DSR today.  The words "Ya' shoulda" been here today"  came through the cell phone.  Enough said; Trev and I are packed and ready to leave early for Pulaski tomorrow morning.  Huge Coho run today.  Looking for a little payback for last weekends trip.

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