Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Pulaski report to my buddy Alec


Pulled into Selkirk at 6 Friday night. We decided just to bring a tent. Just me and Trevor so why not? SKUNKS! We had a skunk fight in our camp around 2am. I packed all our food & garbage in the truck so the skunks were probably angry about that too. Can't describe how nasty a skunk fight/breeding is, just something you have to experience to get the full effect & experience from for yourself. The guy next to us had racoons the past 3 nights and they trashed everything he had.

We did make it to the DSR around 5:30 the following morning and down to the river at 6. Nothing was moving. We hiked from the Flats to the Lower Clay and up to the Wall- I saw one small Atlantic Salmon splashing his way down through the run just above the Flats. Wasn't really interested in that. We poked around in all the places I know hold fish. Joss Hole was the only place to find a king. We squeezed in between the some snaggers and spent sometime casting to non-players (about 4 fish in the pool; best as I could figure). You know snagging isn't my thing so we went up to the truck for lunch. We hiked back down to the holding spot where you landed yours last year. Nothing. I looked though and casted to the big pool just above there for 45 minutes- no fish. We went to Selkirk, packed our stuff & left. Lots of cars at the Tressile. All the Tuesday run, I figured, was probably there by now but my feet hurt and my Orvis waders are now Orvis soakers. I had had enough. Got home around 6.


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