Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Rewards of Autumn Fly Fishing

What a great weekend.  Fall  colors are splashing up and the fishing was just as good as the Adirondack eye candy. 

Every winter I spend countless hours pouring over maps and pick brains of other local outdoorsmen to put together a coming season "To-Do" list.  Most of these waters I go to investigate are potential Native Brook Trout locations so I'm not going to name them on the blog.  Saturday I went to "check off" one of those places.  What I found was way better than I expected.  Huge granite cuts recently washed and scoured by hurricane rains. The brookes are making very light takes this weekend.  I landed one but in true brookie style he was blasting crazy and photo shy.  I need to work on my camera skills so no photo.  I did hook and land a surprise brownie in this plunge pool  

Sunday was a super "bluebird" day.  I set the truck northward and fished the Boreas for a couple hours and landed a brookie in full fall color.  Drat! I left the SD card in the laptop.OK another beauty with no image to remember but the one in my brain.  I left the Boreas and stopped at a reliable spot on the way home.  All the salmon this summer were just over par size.  this one was about 13".  Super jumps! A nice way to finish the weekend of fishing.  

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